Mah Jongg Mania: A Musical Comedy

Book and Lyrics by John Davis
Music by Paolo Tatafiore

Told through humor, satire, and fantasy, this original musical pays tribute to the community of close to a million players in the US. It is enlightening for those unfamiliar with the game, and hysterical and touching for those who do.

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CURRENT PROJECT Mah Jongg Mania: A Musical Comedy 

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Mah Jongg Diva Tiles

There are only 20 of 100 sets of this limited edition remaining, making them collector's items. Each set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and consists of 170 Standard American Mah Jongg tiles, including 8 flowers, 8 seasons, 8 blanks (in case a tile is lost, it can be replaced with one of these), and 2 extra jokers.

Author Fern Bernstein recently launched weekly podcasts all about mah jongg.  With over 20,000 down loads, the audience is growing each week. A recent episode was an interview of John Davis.

Author Fern Bernstein recently launched weekly podcasts all about mah jongg.  With over 20,000 down loads, the audience is growing each week. A recent episode was an interview of John Davis.

The Man of Mahj Influencer ~ John Davis

.Join Fern and John in this week’s lively mah jongg discussion. Learn how John was lured to the tiles and how that attraction led him to create MJ Diva Magazine and dozens of mahj inspired products. From tournaments, Royale, to Siamese and then to on line games, nothing can stop this man of mahj from getting his daily dose of dots, craks, bams, flowers and dragons. North, south, east or west, John has all directions covered with his excitement and enthusiasm for mah jongg.

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Mahj Mania Games


Imagine being able to call a discarded joker.

Imagine changing a closed hand into an open one or playing with extra tiles.

Imagine being allowed to use a joker with a pair.

Imagine a game in which flowers are turned into jokers or everyone takes two turns.


red, white, and green action figures on table

Game Elements

Designed as a party game and tested by mah jongg groups across the country, Mahj Mania adds an entirely new and challenging dimension to traditional American Mah Jongg. The game consists of a set of cards that players use during a traditional mah jongg game to temporarily change the rules, block opponents’ moves, and even switch hands.

Players are rewarded with these cards when they make an exposure

Drawn at the beginning of the game, these cards limit the hands or the way tiles may be used.

These cards allow players to defend their hands, steal tiles, or take extra turns.

Mahjongg Melee Game Collection

The Mahjongg Melee Game Collection is a set of games using mah jongg tiles in a unique way.

Players battle one another using mah jongg tiles to see who can win the most tiles, who can find a pattern, who can make a hand, or who can make the most consecutive runs, kongs, pungs, and pairs.

No knowledge of how to play mah jongg is required. Indeed,

Mahjongg Melee games teach players some of the basics of mah jongg and piques their interest in learning more.

This mah jongg-inspired game which requires an American mah jongg set is only being produced in a limited edition of 100.

It can be played with two to four players and provides hours of entertainment using actual tiles rather than virtual ones.

If you have reluctant spouses or family members who you wish would learn mah jongg, these games are an ideal way to get their feet wet. 

Game Elements

The spinner may change the game completely

The score card teaches the basic combinations of Mah Jongg hands

The specially-designed dice keep the games lively.

The patterns game teaches how to combine tiles.

The three-minute timer adds excitement to the scoring process

Practice at creating hands introduces the core element of Mah Jongg.

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